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Sportingbet is one of the biggest and most popular online sports betting services that is geared to serving international customers from over 26 countries. Its well-developed Sportsbook enables sports fans to make picks with 8,000 different betting options each day.

Apart from the most popular football, it includes tennis, basketball, horseracing, darts and many other disciplines. The unique and popular kind of entertainment that is available at Sportingbet is so-called in:play. In short, it is a special tool that enables clients to make live bets, for example on who will score a goal or who will get the next corner, free-kick or card.

The technology of live streaming makes watching football, basketball and other sporting events possible for customers from different parts of the world. Furthermore, the service offers one of the biggest and best known online poker rooms, Paradise Poker, where up to 10,000 players can be found. Sportingbet can be also proud with over 300 enjoyable casino games, including roulette, blackjack and slots. As a result, the service is constantly growing in popularity and gathers thousands of pleased customers from all parts of the globe.